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Monday, May 04, 2009

We've Got Kitties!!!

Chapter One: In which the cats formerly known as Spanky and Sparky leave Happy Tails, find a new home, and reclaim their rightful names.

Although we've only had the cats here for a couple of days,they are really coming along well. Both cats are exploring and playing in the two rooms we've opened to them so far. Everybody is eating, using the box, and acting like kittens.

The cats requested we rename them Arthur and Elaine, in recognition of their regal status in the household. We acquiesced, of course.

Arthur is already occasionally jumping in our laps for purrs and pets, and Elaine is quickly getting bolder every hour she's here. She once nearly made it up to my lap, but the telephone rang, sending her into a panic. It won't be long before we allow them access to the rest of the house.

Arthur and Elaine were feral cats when they were trapped last January. Happy Tails neutered them, brought them to tip top health, and housed them with a volunteer foster home. The foster parents did a great job of working with the cats to build the social skills needed to live indoors with their human companions. Three cheers for happy Tails! I am thinking about volunteering there.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Steve Sherman

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