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Monday, September 05, 2005

Grubbing for Money and Panning for Gold

I survived my first week at work, which included a day in San Francisco, band practice on Monday, and Recorder consort on Friday. I’m a little more tired for the wear, but I am hoping I will get used to it. I may be working for a while. The commute is about as bad as I remember, this area has way too much traffic. Being hourly helps keep my days short, and if I do have to work extra hours, I’ll get paid accordingly. The cafeteria at work still has great lunches for about $5, which is a deal. I’ve been mostly eating at my desk, so I can clock a half hour lunch break and get out earlier. I can learn to live with this hourly thing.

MIL just got a new compute form Dell, so Kathleen and I have spent a time helping her set up and transfer files. That project looks complete now. Today we spent some time organizing and housecleaning, and we went to Old Sacramento. On labor day weekend Old Sacramento has Gold Rush days. The streets are repaved with dusty dirt, and horse and history enthusiasts do their thing. Pony express terminal, recreationists hauling around canons with six horse teams, and you usual ethnic and period history interpretation people in their costumes. Last year, we saw a reenactment of a historical squatter’s riot. Lots of fiddle and hurdy-gurdy music too. The recreation stops at the sidewalks, the stores have still tee shirts and similar junk,and the restaurants offer burgers, ice cream and beer, which I think is a good thing. Hard tack and jerky would have been a bit of a drag. I grilled some meat and sautéed a bunch of tomatoes, squashes and onions for next week. Food in the fridge, clean laundry, we are set. I didn’t feel like doing any household work any of the weeknights, although if I could get up the energy to do that, the weekends would be a lot freer. Not a lot more exciting thanthis to report.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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