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Monday, May 18, 2009


We finally gave in to the hype and saw Star Trek yesterday. We both thought it was great. I give it 3 1/2 stars. Could have been 4 stars, but the last scene made me gag.

We were able to get into an earlier a show than we had planned for, but we had to sit pretty far up front in a giant screen theater.We were about 10 rows from the screen in one of those giant stadium style theaters. We both actually enjoyed sitting up front with a bunch of stoners. We could really experience the perspectives of the space scenes. Funny how the communicators look cellphones. We live in an age of miracles and wonders.

I thought the story line was good as well. I wasn't ready for the movie to end when it did. That's the ultimate test of a good movie in my book.

Obviously, the big deal in this film is the character development aimed at creating credible back stories for the Enterprise bridge crew.

I loved the portrayal of Kirk as a nearly reformed punk was great. Spock as a horndog, with psychological scars from being bullied as a child! Who could ask for anything more than that! No wonder his dad had him married off to a Vulcan in The Original Series.

I was glad they gave Uhuru a real job. She was a pretty dopey character in The Original Series. In The Original Series no one could figure out how an independent loner like Scottie could have made it through the bureaucracy that is Star Fleet. However, I didn't really get Scotty's furry sidekick. I am always glad to see more of Ensign Sulu's fencing obsession played out. I should have invited Uhuru to my wedding, maybe she would have shown up, who knows. That would have been really cool.

The ending scene of the movie, where the establishment richly lavishes awards on the lovable outcasts (yawn, what a great idea, I've never seen that before) almost made me want to puke. But, it was nice seeing Captain Pike in a normal wheelchair with out the stupid Beep. .. Beepbeep light thing he was stuck in in Menagerie.

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