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Monday, April 06, 2009

Barack Obama is Tired of Your MF'ing Sh*t

No, the Prez isn't channeling Dick Cheney on the Senate floor, but the Commander in Chief is swearing up and down a blue streak.

These audio clips are from the audio book version of "Dreams From my Father". One of the Prez-to-be's high school friends explored his racial identity though a rather colorful and expressive vocabulary. Since it's in the book, we get to her the prez say it.

This only increases my confidence in our Prez. What this country needs in these trying times, is a President who is willing to say it straight, to tell America, "You ain't my bitch (N-word deleted), get your own damn fries." Seriously,that's a message all us overstuffed, overspent hyper consumers need to hear.

I left out the N-word because because I have recently had to dealwith a student (now a former student) who used that word in an attempt to sound gangsta. Putting the same word in my blog would make me a hypocrite. No one would know but me, but that's enough.

Thanks to my hip New York Niece for leading me to this.

Dammit, bitch, I said get your own damned fries!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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