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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Newest Fast Food Craze

PRESS RELEASE: Wendy's International

Moving at light-speed to take advantage of recent publicity, Wendy's International is proud to introduce Chili encrusted Ladyfingers to its menu. Ima Hogg, Wendy's new CEO, said, "from today on, nailbiting will become a respected activity."


Anonymous said...

Wendy's is adding bits of the Chilean countryside to their food? Not to point any fingers at you, but next time review things to get the details nailed down - or your readers will turn thumbs down on your web page.

Steve said...

Wendy, Thanks for your constructive comment. Man, the finger is certainly pointing at me! I re-edited to change the spelling, although I can't be sure Wendy's chili tastes any different than Chile's crust.

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