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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Propositon 8 Trial - is an Attorney Channeling Kafka?

Charles Cooper is the lead attorney defending Proposition 8 (the California "no gay marriage, please") proposition.

I can't say if Cooper is channeling Franz Kafka, but I can tell you he sure isn't channeling Socrates. The way he has run his defense has certainly resulted in theatre of the absurd.

My favorite exchange between Cooper and Judge Walker (thanks to the New Mexico Independent) :

“What testimony in this case supports the proposition?” Walker asked.
“You don’t have to have evidence of this,” Cooper replied.

This whole thing is just too weird for me.

When this whole trial started, I thought the issue might have something to do with the question of can a majority of voters pass a proposition to revoke a right for a minority (gay marriage was legal at the time Proposition 8 was passed by general election).

I like attending and playing at weddings when I can. I don't know a lot of younger folks. In my crowd, everybody straight who is the marrying type is already married. Even when I don't get paid, I always get at least a free lunch. How dare "they" take that away.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

1 comment:

Lou said...

It reminds me of:

"Just then a man walks into the nightclub, he comes riding into the nightclub, on a pony, with a feather stuck into his hat
"What do you call that?" the comedian asks
"An entrance" the man says "But forget that"
Just give me a beer and give my pony a jockey"
The bartender says "I think that pony's had enough already"
"Well make it a short jockey" the man says
"And while you're at it give that lady's lawyer some briefs"
The lady stands up and says "I can defend myself, your Honor"
And the lawyer says "But I'll defend her honor, your Honor"
The judge says "Well on her or off her, make up your mind"
The comic says "Definitely on her, that's the best offer I've had all day"
"Well take it or leave it" says the Judge
"Couldn't we just drop it?" says the comedian
He says "You better drop leaflets before you bomb"
And the comedian says "I'm already bombing..."

And the rest of that routine. To wit:

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