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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Hilarity From Humorless Hacks

The California Protection of Marriage Act (CPOMA) supporters found this conversation on America Speaking Out, a conservative website for angry and cowardly white men to anonymously complain about how everybody else needs to change to improve America. Like most people who broadcast half-baked politically inclined whinging, many are humorless and clueless. Hmmm, white guys obsessed with what's wrong with everybody else.

Read this and have a good laugh.

The thread starts with a posting by a supporter of CPOMA who states his argument that we must protect marriage by criminalizing divorce. The first two responses go along with this mentioning serial divorced Republicans who might sponsor the legislation. Note the screen names attached to the posts; "RepublicansRDumb" and "BiohazardBurrito". At this point, only a completely humor -impaired full-frontal lobeless moron would take this discussion seriously.

That's where jimboton comes in, with his uniquely insightful comment, "How does forcing people to stay married help anyone?".

Just another example of how being a political extremist and hanging around with like minded types (and I use the term "mind" loosely here) makes you stupid and humorless.

Be vigilant, my fellow Americans. Extremism in Defense of Humor is no vice.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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