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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm so Effing Sorry For Saying I'm sorry for that Effing Oil Spill

Things are getting so sorrowfully absurd, I fall asleep every night haunted by the fear of awakening as a Cockroach.

Rep Joe Barton, America's biggest petroleum whore (according to this article) has apologised.

Joe Barton apologised for his previous apology to a BP executive during BP's testimony to congress in which the executive apologised for releasing the evils of hell into our world (OK, he probably didn't use those exact words). Barton was apologising for the Administrations refusal to accept BP's apology and demand cash instead.

So, if I have this right, this was an apology for an apology for a refusal to accept an apology.

Alas, Barton's work has only just begun. Since he's accepted over $1.4 million from big oil during his 20 year career of political prostitution, I am sure he'll have to explain all this to his greasy fingered pimps in the industry. that conversation will be (deep breath). . .

An apology for an apology for an apology for a refusal to accept an apology. I personally apologise that apologies can't be used to soak up spilled oil.

I must apologise in advance for saying that if this is the best America can do in a time of crisis, we have become an effing sorry excuse for a country.

That' s my story, and if you don't like it, I apologise.

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