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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I Went To College - Today's Bike Ride

In accordance with hangininsac's green policy of recycling old jokes, I can honestly tell you that I went to college today. . . for an arse- resting break in the middle of my bike ride. And to see what was happening (BTW, that's what was once known as ogling co-eds). It always seems I see far more female students than male. Perhaps I just don't notice grubby guys in unwashed jeans. Who Knows.

Anyway, the bike ride was the main event, with a little over14 miles of petal pushing pleasure. You'll notice my route isn't the most direct. I add about 1.5 miles each way to take the route that involves the least traffic-related angst. I cross two major streets, otherwise the ride is nearly traffic-free.

I found this route using Google Map's Biking direction option. I didn't like the route the utility picked, but it was easy to change. These recently introduced biking directions makes one case where I believe Google lives up to it's never-ending hype. I believe these biking directions will ultimately impact urban planning for the better, and probably soon.

The most interesting part of the trip is that I get to cross the Guy West Bridge over the American River to get from the Bike Trail to the campus. The Guy West Bridge is a very cool looking pedestrian bridge and a concrete reminder of what Sacramento could be if it really wanted to be something besides a venue for chain restaurants.

Yeah, I Know. Besides a really nice way to walk across the river, what this bridge illustrates best is Sacramento's unending and embarrassing need to be a "me-too"to San Francisco. Yes, we have a mini Golden Gate Bridge. When Sacramento does something besides foreclose on real estate and open national chain restaurants, it usually tries to imitate San Francisco. Usually pulls it off with the subtlety and of a chimpanzee singing after seeing the opera. Sacramento may have a population well over 2 million, but it's a big small city. When Sacramento finds its own identity, it will have grown up.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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