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Thursday, October 29, 2009

My NaNoWriMO Preview

Two days until wrimo blastoff, and the novel has taken a very different direction than what I was thinking. The amin character's visiter is going to take him to alternate realities where zombies must be sent back to their grave. Who wants a lot of introspection, when you can defend the noosphere from invading Walmart-building zombies from cyberspace. Now, that sounds like a story, especially when your brothers in arms are a grandpa and all five of the three stooges (don't fret, the zombies kill Curly Joe early on, why am I thinking of Boromir?). When the zombies are under control, the noosphere is a paradise for the dead with free par-three golf and martinis all the time.

BTW, overexposure to coconut cream pies makes a zombie puke until brains come out and the zombie returns to dust. A squirt of seltzer isn't as powerful, but it slows them down, making them more vulnerable to a sharpened 5-iron. Niagara Falls!

Get the main character to the noosphere, kill zombies, follow them to the internet and destroy the cyberzombies and locate and neutralize the source of all this ( lluminati conspiracy). I haven't outlined these battles yet, but I suspect that certain Bach tunes become evil viruses from hell when transposed into binary. How can you stop the evil virus once it's released. If there's still not enough words, the battle will proceed to the biosphere and geosphere, with a possible love interest with Lara Croft for the YA male audience.

In this case, I can literally say, That's my story, but I can't promise I'm sticking to it.

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