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Monday, October 05, 2009

All I get is Favre... Shaddup!!!!!!!!!!

How many times can some talking head on TV say Favre, Favre, Favre?

I worked out this morning and watched ESPN Sports Center from about 11:10 to 11:25 and 11:40 to 11:50 PDT. OK, this takes some explanation. I watch Sports Center when I work on the elliptical trainer. Between the two sessions on the trainer I work out with weights for 15 minutes. I don't watch TV while I'm using weights, because that can give you a sore neck.

I started my workout naively thinking, "I hope they'll talk about tonight's Packers game while I'm here." I guess ESPN has taken the "all Favre all the time" format today. I tried to count the "Favre"s, but I lost count after about 35 "Favre"s in the first 10 or 12 minutes.

This is doubly stupid, since my prediction is that Favre will not be a major factor in this game. I think this game will be won and lost old-time football style. This game is not about twinkle-toed quarterbacks. In the words of St Vincent Lombardi, "This is a game of fundamentals, it is about blocking and tackling".

I think this will be a game about two things the packers must do to win; (1) The Packer's offensive line must protect the quarterback, and (2) the Packer's defensive line needs to get penetration so they can break up running plays before Peterson finds his feet. What Favre does hardly matters, barring any crazy last minute end zone passes,which is always a possibility.

What I'm saying is that if the packers don't control the line of scrimmage about a million times better than they have so far this season, the Vikings will be able to mail it in and the Packers are screwed.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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