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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Name Game

I quote from The Gardian:

"Gazprom, NNPC agree to initial investment of $2.5 bln
New joint venture company to be called Nigaz"

This is interesting in a couple of dimensions.

First the obvious observation:

The Neosoviets are paying the price of their notorious racism. By running a whites only oil industry, they missed out on something pretty obvious here. I guess slang used by people who neither matter nor exist is irrelevant. I wonder if Nigaz will open up filling stations here? Why settle for self service at Venezuala's Citgo when you can get Nigaz to pump your gas for you. Unbelievable.

This might be the best naming blunder since the Electolux Panic in the 1960s.

Now the more disturbing observation:

This deal most likely gives the Neosoviets control of about 20% of the world's current petroleum production, and about 7.5% of estimated reserves. That's a lot of control. Now, a Russian autocrat's midnight fart has the real possibility of jacking oil prices back near $200 per barrel.

Although here in America, our mainstream media hasn't spent a lot of time connecting the dots between last year's spike in oil process and the collapse of our extremely vulnerable economy, the blogosphere is full of this stuff. Don't imagine that the Ayatollahs, Secret policemen and other oil-fortified nutjobs of the world haven't already figured this one out.

Don't worry, everything here is fine.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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