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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Blogging the Brett Bush Bowl 4th Quarter

Color commentary this quarter.

Looks like the Saints found the handle on the Vikings offense.
Oh, god, no replay challenge!

The game has been pretty drama-free up to now.

The ruling stands. Surprise.

back to the game. Punt. Saints start on the 39.

Funny around here, when people talk about "the Saints" we usually mean Mormons.

The Saints are continuing to grind out a slow ground game. Booo-ooooooring. And Al Michaels is still droning on about the replay decision.

The Saints have ground it down to midfield. Thomas nearly broke a huge run, got about 7 yards.
The Saints are getting what they need running up the middle. snore. Still an occasional big pass. The Vikings defense has ceased to be a factor in this quarter.

Long TD pass - perfect pass by Breeze receiver bobbled. Another wide to the right FG attempt from The Saints. It's still a game.

Favre starts with a pass into triple coverage. Favre is not being treated as the big story by the announcers. He has no receivers. The Vikings don't look great this year. Maybe this is the Packers' Year. YEAH, THIS'LL BE THE YEAR! Even if the Pack doesn't win it all, I want to see them kick Favre's backside all over Lambeau.

Wow he just completed one of those crazy passes to midfield. Game is not over yet. But at 3rd and 11, it seems nearly over.

If I hadn't edged in about an hour of practice time during the game, I'd have to say this was a total waste of time.

Last years Brett Bowl was more exciting, I think it wasn't just my Packer fixation.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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