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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Blogging the Brett Bush Bowl 2nd Quarter

Will the Vikings offense wake up?
Will Favre and Childress start sassing each other?

Stay tuned.

Saints punt fair catch at the 11yd line

First down another run up the middle and nowhere.
Second down Peterson runs 10 yds for a first down
First and 10 Peterson again. about 7 yds. No fumble so far.
Second down Peterson middle again still 2 yds to go.
Third and about 2 swing pass to the end first down. Finally a Favre pass.
First down hand off to another back big nothing.
Second down short pass for nuttin, absolutely nuttin
Third and 12, it is Favre danger zone. Weak short pass, but
face mask on offense and defense, offsetting penalties, WTF?
Third and 11 Farve goes long, an ugly looking pass but it worked for 15 yds.
First down Peterson gets 9 yds up the middle.
Second and about 2 yds Peterson plows through
First down time for a surprise pass? Peterson again for a fighting 9 yds.
Where is the air force?
Second and 1 quick almost no huddle saints caught asleep first down.
First down Young (other back gets nuttin. the offensive line didn't hold. Hit in the backfield.
Second down penalty right away, running play to nowhere. offensive shift, loss of down.
Third and 9 Time to pass another Saints time out.
Big down shotgun incomplete 12 yd pass. The coverage was all over the receiver.
Longwell FG 42 yds. 7 - 3 Saints not much time left in the half.

Kickoff returned to the 30 yd line. Not Bush, the other guy.
Al Michaels can't get over the flood disaster in the Superdome.

First down completed pass taken back for holding. Only one rush so far for Saints.
First and 20 short pass up the middle
Second and 14 incomplete vikings Had the TE covered, fro once.
Third and 14 time for the Viking D to do something already.
False start third and 19 Breeze rushed and offensive holding. Breeze almost threw into an interception.
Punt time. from the 10 Vikings muffed but recovered at the 18.

First down Vikings Favre made a noce quicl 11 yd short pass.
First down run up the guts for 1 yd Peterson
Second and 9 Farve throws a dumbass pass in the grasp of a defender Interception.
Somwe things never change.

First down for the Saints on the Vikings 30. Nothing run.
Why is there a 2 minute warning for the first half? Makes no sense.
The Saints can't get anything. Receivers whinging for an interference call.
Fg attempt from 46 yds, wide by a mile. The Vikings dodged a Brett Favre give away.

Time for Favre hurry up action from the 36 YD line. Short pass over the middle for 6 yds.
Second down still short of the first and need to burn a time out.
Third down end around just makes it and out of bounds.
First down shotgun long pass up the middle time out 33 yd gain ball on the 20
First down Favre laces on into the end zone. Everything has turned around for now. about 30 seconds left. Point after blocked. maybe of they had a catapult. . . 9 to 7

No commercial break with 30 seconds left in the half.

Kickoff return to the 25 ho hum.
1st down quick short pass to the sideline.
2nd down short pass nowhere near the sideline.
End of the half.

I'm working on some music, so no comments om the half time show.

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