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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Blogging the Brett Bush Bowl 3rd Quarter

Wow there's a giant fire in San Bruno, looks like a gas main or a plane crash.


Back to the3 Vikings ala Brett
Peterson starts off running to the sideline for a first down.
Another first down rush Peterson up the middle.
Second down Peterson again
Third down and a couple of yards Crappy long floating pass almost intercepted.
Punt and very little return.

First down will the Saints even try to rush?
They tried and got absolutely nothing.
Second and 10 Bush finally got in a decent run, 10 yds up the middle on an enema draw.
First down Bush again about 6 yds up the gut.
Another rushing first down.
Talking heads talking about the Heisman. Face it Bush's Heisman is toast. But Bush is too dumb to renounce it before they take it away.
Another rushing first down. Complete turnaround from the first half.
First down nice fake and bootleg by Breeze, but too slow Sack!
Second down offside 5 yds pass for 1st on the 21.
Swing pass inside the 10 yd line.
Non Bush back (Thomas I think) barrels through to the 1 yd line.
Thomas up the middle TD 14 9 Saints leading

I'm quitting the play by play after this quarter. Color announcing only. When the Packers or 49ers aren't playing I don't have enough to say.

Vikings start on the 15th

1st down Peterson swamped in the backfield.
2nd and 10 Favre throws a rainbow bomb to the sideline. almost intercepted, but the defender landed out of bounds.
3rd down Favre threw a short pass incomplete to the ground. The Saints are giving more pressure.

Punt and Bush dances and jukes for no return yardage.

First down little screen for 3 yards.
Second down 8 to go little pass to Bush, no yards after reception open field tackle.
Third down and about 7 another completion too short. 4th and 6
Vikings start on the 31 yd line

First down Nice run by Peterson
Second down Favre pulled down by the shirt big loss sack. Busted screen?
Third and lots (13) longish over the middle pass missed the receiver who stopped running(?)

Back to Breeze and the Boyz.
First down Bush taken down in the open field.
Second down Breeze threw a great bomb to the sideline incomplete and out of bounds
Third down and 9 incomplete pass near the ground! Three and out!
Punt. fair catch at the 26 flags, offsetting penalties but they mean redo the kick.
Redo fair catch on the 23. Holding (on a fair catch?) Back to the 13.

First down weak Peterson rush for 3
End of quarter

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