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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Blogging the Brett Bush Bowl 1st Quarter

5:25 PDT I turned on the TV. It looks like a Superbowl halftime show. WTF? Another old fart sell-out singing flat. Dave Matthews this time. These guys always sing way flat, why don't the crews tune the guitars flatter. Geezopete, Now it's "Burning Down The House", but without the funk rhythm. This adds to the otherwise unending embarrassment of being an old fart.

They're running the blurb for the Saints. The National Anthem singer is also about a 1/2 step flat form her string accompaniment. It must be the PA system.

Bush isn't doing the Heisman pose, Guess he was too busy to check the blog today. The singer hit the ending pitch.

Andrea Cramer, the sideline announcer has the worst teeth I have ever seen. Doesn't NBC have dental insurance.

Boring kickoff and return , but always good to see Ryan Longwell, the best name for a kicker ever.

First play, 30 yd pass over the middle. Vikings had their lunch money stolen!
Second play 11 yard pass.
Bush was manhandled by coverage. Finally an incomplete pass.
bush made it up with an 8 yd rush.
TD long completion and face mask penalty against the viqueens. Beaten like a drum so far.
Would somebody find a corner back for the viqueens?

I think they should replace the extra point kick with something more exciting. Maybe something involving catapults.

Brettqueens starting on the 20.
First down. Peterson rushes for about 2 yds.
Second down Peterson gets it within a couple of yards of the 1st dwn.
Third down Peterson is absolutely STUFFED in the middle.
When will they let Favre3 pass? Will he yell at the coach again?

Punt. Bush calls fair catch. Saints will start on near the 30 yd line.

First down, failed screen pass. Nice to see a pass that doesn't blow the queens away.
Second down busted play, short pass for little yardage.
Third down Breeze overthrew by a mile. The end beat the coverage by a mile.
Punt. Vikes start near the thirty. Maybe Childress will let Favre throw the ball this time. Let's see if he remembers to throw to a guy in the same colored jersey.

First down nice short up the middle pass for about 8 yds. Classic Favre.
Second down big nothing.
Third down hand off op the middle. The offensive line failed, but Petersen muscled the yard to the first down.

First down Favre overthrows, looks like the receiver got mauled.
Second down Peterson around the end, flag, holding takes back a 17 yd run.
Second down 20 pass completed another penalty, offensive pass interference.
Vikings net offensive gain must benear zero right now.
Second down 30 to g0 inside handoff Petersen gtts 15 yds. SO WHAT?
Third and 15 short pass not enough, short by about 2 yds.
Punt Vikes down it inside the 5. Heisman boy let it bounce by. Bad choice, Bush seems to have made a lot of bad choices, I guess.
I haven't seen any interesting commercials yet. Except now I know I'm a wuss because I don't drive a Dodge Truck.

1st down Bush receives on the 3, goes nowhere.
2nd down muffed hike in the end zone! Breeze picks up the ball and completes a great pass!
First down Penalty before the snap. Motion on Breeze
First down pass to the 50 incomplete, almost a fumble. Perfect pass, but receiver got whipsawed. Ouch.
Time out Saints. (I'm getting good rabbit ear reception today)
Second and 15 short pass to Bush and a great yds after reception. Bush really showed his stuff.
First down quick short pass. Drew looks more like Brett than Brett.
Second and 3, another quick short pass.
Third bootleg fake and short pass.

Finally, a sack!
3rd and 10 short pass to Bush, not enough.

The Vikings are getting killed by the Saints. Like Medieval history in reverse!

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