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Monday, November 02, 2009

Novel Excerpt

I cranked out 3,533 words on Nanowrimo day 1. I need to average about 1,667 words per day to win.

I decided to share a small sample, where a character named gramps gets introduced to the reader. Please rest assured that I do not intend to fictionalize any other relatives, unless i end up desperate. If I do need to harvest relatives for charqacters, I will try to wake the dead rather than annoy the living. My mom gave me permission to use her father, and even asked me to make sure he gets to smoke lots of cigars.

All I ask is that, as you read this, please remember that November is National Novel Writers Month. Novel Editing month does not start until December. This is raw from the netbook, typed while watching all my favorite NFL teams lose.

Excerpt from chapter 2, where a character from another world are revealed:

Of his uncountable older relatives, Gramps had always been the slacker of the family. Jacob’s great aunts and uncles worked like hell to make their fortunes in Chicago. Gramps and Grandma left that scene to move to a small city in Wisconsin. Grandpa was able to make a modest but comfortable living working as a manager in a local department store. They had dozens of good friends and a small prefab house. They had everything they needed, and Gramps was able to come home every noon for a lunch and nap. They were slackers before the word was invented,and they were damned good at it.

The more he thought about old Gramps, the more real and alive the old guy seemed. Just for a second, Jacob thought he could hear an old man’s voice in the middle of his head, somewhere near where he believed the tumor had been removed. He thought he could see his grandfather standing by the window.

Jacob wasn’t sure if his eyes were open or closed. He forced himself to open his eyes, and Gramps was still there. He closed his eyes as tight as he could, opened them again, but nothing changed.

Grandpa was still standing, nonchalantly looking out the window. He shuffled across the small room, and stood by the bed, near Jacob’s head. Gramps cleared his throat loudly, like he always did before speaking, and said, “Jacob, what’s going on here? What are you doing here? You look like a mess.” Jacob didn’t say anything, all he could do was stare, as his long dead grandfather said, “Don’t worry, Gramps knows what’s going on, that’s why I’m here”.

After reading this, I fear that jacob is at a critical risk of evolving into a Mary Sue. I need to either kill him or marginalize him as soon as I introduce a few more characters.

Dang - looks like my word file doesn't tramslate too wellinto bloggerscript. The fat vertical bars are quptation marks.

That's my story (I really mean ity this time) and I'm sticking to it.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to more. Can't wait to see the character of the strong, intelligent, strikingly gorgeous older sister.

Steve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve said...

I am serious about not using living relatives. Once A characters gets into the gristpile, there's no telling what will come out in the masa.

I will publish another excerpt as soon. This pace allows little time to work on usage and other important language and narrrative issues, as if you weren't able to figure that out just by reading.

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