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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wireless! One Small Step for a Man. . .

. . . and now I can use the computer in the reclining chair (sorry, Mankind's getting nothing 0ut of this).

Vestanet has been born! I bought a Linksys/Cisco Wireless N Router, and installed it this afternoon. After only one call to Linksys's help center, we are up and running. I even tested the browser interface that allows me to change settings (that's the part the nice Indian lady on the phone walked me through).

I am relieved. Reading user reviews caused some worry. Every leading wireless router gets about 2/3 excellent ratings and 1/3 "this is crud" ratings. The critiques, taken as a whole, showed that everything will work perfectly, or the router will make you miserable beyond reason. Looks like I ended up with the lucky 2/3.

It took me only about 15 minutes, using Linksys's setup CD, to implement a working network with dual key encryption the Enigma code guys couldn't even have dreamed about. At that point, I walked around the house and yard and found a strong signal and fast internet response everywhere, woot!

Next, I checked to make sure I could access the router, and realized my computer didn't recognize the router's IP address. I went through the very detailed troubleshooting instructions on the website , and figured out I still couldn't connect to the device. To the help center.

It took only about 2 minuted to get to a breathing person, who actually new how to fix the problem: reset the device to factory default settings, and use the browser interface to re-establish all the settings. I've tested the browser access several times, and it seems to consistently work. All that and Streaming South Park in the easy chair.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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