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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Something Special From Wisconsin

Why does news like this always seem to come out of Wisconsin?

Women scorned? 4 charged in glue revenge plot

Police allege married Wis. man was lured to motel and sexually assaulted

". ..Four women, including his wife, eventually showed up to humiliate the man, who ended up with his penis glued to his stomach in a bizarre plot to punish him for a lover's quadrangle gone bad..."

In no way is any kind (even this kind) of sexual assault funny, but crazy-gluing his hoohoo to his torso sounds like a scene from some kind of X-rated loony tunes.

Perhaps this is some kind of evolutionary dead end spawned from Wisconsin's illustrious 19th century.

I'll be visiting relatives not terribly far from the sight of the crazy-glue incident. I hope da heck nonna dem yahoos involved wit dat crazy deal dere is related da me, duncha know.

Dats my story, da one wat I gotta say dere, and dats da one I'm sticking to, so dere.

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