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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mission San Jose

On our way back from Santa Cruz, we decided that the St Joseph Shrine wasn't scary enough, so we stopped at Mission San Jose on the way home. The mission is in Fremont, CA, which is a couple of suburbs northeast of San Jose. Even after touring several missions, Mission San Jose had a few notable sights.

The church had a giant ornate altar. I never fail to be amazed by these things.

Apparently, the figure at the top of this visual baroque cacophony is meant to represent none other than the big guy himself, standing guard over the transubstantiated flesh and blood of his son. Since I never pass up the chance to have a graven image, here's a close up.

Strange that his pet dove looks suspiciously like a bowling pin with wings hastily glued on.

I found more interesting stuff in the side alters. Never one to pass up a gruesome crucified Corpus, I could not help but be deeply moved by this life-sized beauty.

I was nearly moved to tears by the abdominal stigmata. I could've been the model for this work!

Near the back of the church, I found a very ornate side alter that immediately grabbed my attention. Yes!, that box just below Nuestra SeƱora de Guadalupe indeed contains a relic!

This was no ordinary relic. This relic contains a hollow nail which in turn contains filings from what someone (no one would say who) claims to be a nail from the True Cross. The lighting was difficult, but I was able to get this vague close-up of the actual relic.

You might need to click on this image to see it in all its glory.

I am amazed by and more than a little skeptical about how many relics made it to the new world.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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