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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Coyote is my Spirit Guide

While riding my bicycle along the American River Parkway, I spotted a coyote loping at about my pace on a bridal trail running parallel to the bike trail. He gave me a couple of looks, and kept loping on. Coyote helped me think a little more clearly than normal (big prize, I know).

While I fret about my casual relationship to the world of work, Coyote does fine without the benefit of domestication his distant cousins enjoy.

In a way work is a lot like domestication from the dog’s point of view. We become so accustomed to depending on Master for our fulfillment, it’s easy to overlook our ability to live a full life without Master’s constant prodding and rewards. When I look at what I do in a day, I am far happier about what I am doing than I was when working full time in an office, although I do miss the speedier internet connection (see Earn big $$ by Surfing the Net)

Maybe I really need to remember the lesson of Mr Wizard the Lizard from the old Tutor the Turtle cartoons, “be what you is, and not what you is not, folks what do this have the happiest lot.”

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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