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Sunday, May 22, 2005

I was a token slacker male

We went to two parties last weekend, a small Friday night drink-together with the neighbors and a High School Graduation part on Saturday. Both affairs had a similar theme, I was the token male on Friday, and one of the only men in a crowd on Saturday.

Our neighbors with whom we hang out include a sixty-ish widow Kindergarten teacher and her eighty-something mom, our very strange single female next door neighbor, and the neighbors on the other side of her house, a lesbian couple. A few of their friends, all women, showed up. A good time was had by all. Our single neighbor makes a summer drink called Mojitos, really a deadly tumbler-sized gimlet. She made fancy littlke tea sandwiches as well. It was great. Several of our neighbors and their friends work at a local radiology group, and the local weekly newspaper. They share the usual warped humor of clinical and news people. Next time the doctor orders imaging I want a PET scan. Helical CAT scans are for wimps and pretenders, I have decided. Way too 20th century for me.

The parents of the young graduate are also lesbians, as well as are most of their friends. They had great food, but no tamales (one of them is Mexican). I was secretly hoping there was a Mexican tradition of tamales for graduation. No dice. Guess I’ll just have to wait until Christmas. One of the Hostess’s kids brought their adorable Pug dog. That was the high point of the party for me. I just wasn’t feeling very social on Saturday.

I have been practicing recorder a lot, I know all the “basic” notes, but I need to practice for celerity and musicality. The lesson books I amusing, “Sweet Pipes” use mostly renaissance pieces that I enjoy playing. I need to make sure to spend enough time and attention on clarinet playing, too.

Weekday bike rides along the American River have become a habit, although parts of the trail are flooded out as the record snowfalls in the Sierras are rapidly melting. Our weather has just finally gotten warm with highs in the low nineties this week. That’s still pleasantly warm given our low humidity and cool nights.

Employment scene update – Looks like I need to sharpen my slacker skills soon, summer looks likely to be idle. Nothing happening on the HS tutoring front, as expected, and no action with the Community College. That means I lose my thin veil of respectability. It’s really high time to come up with a “Plan B”. This all would be a lot easier if I was excited about some kind of work in particular. I realize that with my degrees, prospects for teaching math are pretty limited.

On a more appealing subject than work, we are now of age to look into taking a vacation with Elderhostel. Sing if you’re glad to be grey.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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