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Monday, May 02, 2005

Concert Tonight, Jesus is our Assistant Director

Today’s big excitement is tonight’s 7:30 band concert at Presentation Catholic Church. See for details. I have retained my position as stage manager, and will have from 5:30 to 6:30 to set up. I am hoping Father Mike will be able to enlist some eighth grade students to remove the alter and lay out the chairs before I get there. Otherwise, I will have to actually do my job. I always have to guard the tabernacle, because someone always tries to move it, and that’s against church rules. My least favorite thing about playing at Presentation is the acoustics. It’s like an echo chamber. My favorite thing is the giant crucifix that rises high behind where we set up the band. It is a modern design featuring Jesus with arms extended but no actual wooden cross. It looks like Jesus has arrived in an apparition to give his blessing to the Sacramento Concert Band. How many groups get that kind of sponsorship? Come to the concert and meet probably about half of Hanginsac's regular readers!

Today’s newspaper greeted me this morning with a huge story. My life may never be the same. . . Dateline Comics Page. . . Luanne has become close friends With Toni Daytona, her brother Greg’s unattainable object of longing over the last two or three years. What will develop next? This is the biggest news since last year when Luanne’s very pretty heartthrob Aaron had a secret announcement. I was sucked in; I thought he was surely coming out of the closet. No dice; Aaron’s family was making a move to Hawaii. I don’t know why I let the comics toy with my emotions like this.

Did I mention that I need to get a life?

On that subject, I still haven’t heard back from the college dean from whom I am seeking legitimate employment. I figure I will call her tomorrow, since that will be one week past the date she said she expected to call. I will try to keep my high-pitched choruses of “oh, please, please, please” to an absolute minimum. If this fails, I may need to seek a real job, like with an office and all that soul-sucking jazz. Oh Jesus, leader of bands, please save me.

The house painting is finished, I am trying to arrange a date for the gutter contractor to do his thing. I tested the sprinklers yesterday, Good news; all the frone sprinklers work, bad news; we need to get someone to replace the timer for our back garden. Another more handy person for whose call I must wait. I feel like a hostage of the guys who got As in shop class.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, you're falling down on the job - where's the next installment? Since you're never home when I call this is the only way I get to find out what you're doing.


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