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Monday, February 23, 2009

Letter to the Recorder Tooting Membership

See it here first! My soon to be published letter to the Recorder Society membership.

Here we go! (Note, the punchline is at the end)

I have had a couple of musical experiences in our broader community over the last few weeks.

Kathleen and I heard the Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra at the Community Center Theater last night. We enjoyed a varied program along with a nearly full house. Both the orchestra and the featured violin and oboe soloists were great. I recommend the cheap seats for the Philharmonic, since the acoustics are better in the top tier. Bring your binoculars. It’s always good to see over 1,000 of our neighbors, including a lot of young adults, come out for a classical music event.

On the lighter side, I had the opportunity to play Guitar Hero a few weeks ago. I didn’t get much of a kick out of playing, since the actual game play is not very musical. However, I did email Activision, to suggest they produce a 'Recorder Consort Hero' game. I haven’t heard back yet. Perhaps they’re on vacation.

The SRS is providing great opportunities over the next few months for you to be the Recorder Consort Hero you know you’ve always wanted to be. Now is the time to 'Unleash your inner renaissance legend'!

Your Humble CoPresident

I really could get into Recorder Consort Hero. I really could.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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