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Friday, February 13, 2009

‘Bladerunner’, A Typical 'Dickless' Sci Fi Film

After over 25 years, I guess I had waited long enough to see this film.I got a disk including both the studio cut (super happy ending included) and the director’s cut without voiceover or happy ending. I liked the voiceovers, but I might call the added happy ending moronic, however I do not wish to insult morons. Perhaps Ridley Scott was locked out of the studio when the suits added the mega happy ending. I am too lazy to watch the extras on the DVD to find out for sure.

I give the movie 2 ½ stars. It’s worth watching if you like detective films set in a dystopic near future. The chase and kill the bad guys story arc is fun, and the visuals are cool. Vangeles’s score is a winner. The IMDB reviews are steller, perhaps that’s because Science Fiction film fans haven’t read enough of the best written Science Fiction to tell doodoo from shinola.

Phillip K Dick’s Brilliant novel, ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ created a very strange and disturbing near future dystopia, where most of the earth’s population of humans and animals have been destroyed, and only humans deemed unfit for colonization on other planets are left behind, living in nearly empty cities. Earth's inahbitants are slowly being poisoned. The folks left on earth are faced with some interesting dilemmas, overlaid with a pervasive sense of sadness and loneliness.

Earth residents’ most prized possessions are the few animals left surviving, however, all but the wealthiest keep replicant animals.The protagonist in the novel yearns to own an electric sheep. Replicant animals are a major industry. There are very few living animals to see.

Worshippers of the popular religion attach themselves to devices that allow them to share the pain and injuries of their profit, as he eternally climbs a hill only to be stoned and thrown down.

The novel dealt with some serious existential questions, as it becomes apparent that an individual cannot be sure whether he is a human being or a replicant.

'Bladerunner' however, didn’t deal with any of these questions, except in a few short moments of sophomoric dialogue. It was all about chasing the bad guys.

Even with these shortcomings, I can’t fairly expect a movie to be as good as one of the best Science Fiction novels ever written. I was not transported to 'Milton Lumky Territory' or anywhere, for that matter.

I give this film 2 ½ stars, although it didn’t do dick for me.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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