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Friday, October 31, 2008

Rain, and Time to Complain about the Government

It rained last night! We haven’t seen more than a drizzle since January, which is unusual even for Sacramento. We usually expect to get less than ¼ inch of rain in total from May through September, but January and February are usually wet months. Although the official stats show rainfall under ¼ inch yesterday, it seemed like a deluge. It’s easy to get accustomed to life without rain.

We are forecast for rain on and off through Monday, with the most rain expected Saturday and Sunday (of course). Snow above 5,000 feet is expected for the Sierras.

Man O Manischewitz, the roads were slippery last night. There’s nothing like a little water sprinkled on none months worth of leaked oil to make driving more fun. I actually skidded away from a red light. The cop in the car in the next lane got a good laugh out of it. I could see him laughing in the light of the computer screen.

It looks like the rain will stop just in time for Election Day, so the water-soluble block will be well represented at the polls. As of late, I have more or less tuned out campaign news. At this point, IMHO, both candidates are sounding like fools. I hope the winner wises up after the election. The rhetoric of late brings out the small but present grain of old-fashioned conservatism from deep within the dark recesses of my mind. I hear both candidates promising they will make the economy sound; McCain promises he will bring the domestic automobile industry back to its former position of global dominance (Dude, WTF?),while Obama claims he will re-invigorate the economy by creating cool new industries like better energy. Last time I checked, presidents don’t run industries. For all our sakes, I hope these guys don’t believe the basura they are spewing. Maybe the rigors of the campaign trail have stressed them beyond the point of rationality.

My somewhat conservative tiny grain causes me to worry when people are willing to accept that he Government will make a great economy for us. I believe that Government has a vital role to play in solving the problems that we are facing these days. However, I do not believe that the Government can provide us (We The People, WTP) with solutions to the social and economic problems we need to face in the next several years. In my (admittedly warped) view of the world, I see Government as a lens that focuses the energies of the nation in constructive ways. I don’t see the Government producing prosperity through its programs and actions. Rather, I see Government as an agent that can, when enlightened, steer the ship in a way that WTP’s efforts contribute toward a desirable future.

I guess this means my universe doesn’t grant free lunches (hey, NFL = No Free Lunches, cool). In my gimlet eyes, the approaches currently in action and consideration for getting us out of this economic hole are like someone stuck in a hole digging deeper. I have a hard time believing that increasing debt is the best way to resolve a debt crisis, particularly when debt is used to spend money in a way that won’t directly impact the cause of our most immediate credit crisis, upside down mortgages, or increase productivity.

Now that I’ve given my opinion about what isn’t the right answer, I am sorry to admit I don’t have a better answer beyond the advice that starting another war and/or continuing our unimaginable level of military spending will probably not help.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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