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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Local Sports Pandering & Other Moronics

I am sick to the gills of the odor of donkey and elephant poo. Baseball is the only thing I've watched on the glass teat for a coupleof weaks, but I'm reaching my limit. The Nation Wide Chowderhead Density (NWCD)has gone far beyond the safety limits. Warning, this country is not safe to operate under current conditions.

John Stuart did this great bit about the lowest of the low - both canpaigns are pandering to local sports fans. They all say GO PHILLIES, GO RAYS. I say,
Why don't you all GO FISHING and leave the rest of us alone

On an unrelated note, I must confess that my complete,100% antagonism topward Gov Palin has been shaken. I have fallen to the depths of identity politics. Turns out both of us are crappy woodwind players! Watch Sarah play Come-to-Jesus-in-halfnotes, complete with crappy intonation. WARNING - do not view the following video on an empty stomach.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. GO (insert local team name here)!!!!!!

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