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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm Not Saying Actuaries are Disgusting. . .

I'm not saying anything, anything at all. Not Anything. Not A Thing. Period.

I will let the Honorable Emmet G. Sullivan, United States District Judge speak for himself, from the transcript of September 15, 2009's ruling in Bruce D. Schobel v. American Academy of Actuaries.

"It's really unfortunate that what's put into motion the series of the sequence of events since July is the undisputed fact that the terms of a confidential arbitration agreement were revealed. That's really -- really unfortunate. It's unseemly. It's disgusting, but that's -- that's why you folks are all here, and I think that when the final chapter is written in this book, I think the world is going to know more about the American Academy of Actuaries than it ever wanted to learn and know about."

"This is a case that cries out for settlement. I said that the first day,you know,and the tears are even louder now. It cries out for settlement,but parties haven't seen fit to settle it,and that's fine. Then I'll settle it and let the chips fall where they may."

"So I guess the crying goes on for another day. Parties are excused."

That is not my story, and anyone who says otherwise is itching for a fight.

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