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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Steve Jobs and Pancreas Tumor Rumors

The financial media is abuzz this week with all sorts of speculation about Steve Job’s permanent health. In 1983 Jobs had a neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas and surgical treatment similar to mine. Jobs has discussed this publicly several times, reassuring investors that he was over this and everything was fine. Somehow, the business community managed to buy his story at face value for the past several years.

However, Jobs has appeared rather thin and gaunt (really thinner and gaunter than usual) at a couple of recent public appearances. This has lead to a flurry of internet rumors early this week, culminating in a 10% drop in Apple’s share price Monday night. The price appears to have recovered through Tuesday, no doubt enriching some day traders.

The rumors began by insinuating that Jobs’s weight loss might be related to the return of some cancer. Over Tuesday and early Wednesday, financial reporters and bloggers dug deeper and figured out that life is not a cake walk after this surgery. In particular, people have figured out this surgery can lead to digestive problems and related weight loss and fatigue.

Although I hate to see anybody, no matter how arrogant and smug they might be, have problems like mine, it is somehow comforting to be reminded that it’s not all in my head. That’s especially comforting after hearing Jobs insinuate for years that the surgery was no big deal for him.

As some Klingon Woman once said to Commander Riker; ”If you cannot stomach Kingon food, would you like me to nurse you?”

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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mmhere said...

Great blog. Did you read about Jobs via the post at the Living Simple network? Our paths must have crossed somewhere in Sacramento. Used to play in the concert band at SCC. Want to start a low cost community housing project here?


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