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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


At the MIL’s pleading, we went to Best Buy to each pick up Our Government-subsidized FATASS (Federally Approved Television Antenna Signal Sorter). Peggy has two ancient TVs she doesn’t connect to the cable. They (the TVs, not the MIL) are both too old to be compatible.

What was strange about the Government coupons is that the coupons came with directions advising me that Wal-Mart is the nearest place for me to purchases my FATASS. Speaking of conspiracy theories, get this; the Federal Government is directing citizens to shop at Wal-Mart, WTF. This must have something to do with Hilarity Clinton and the Trilateral Ommission (Didn’t they record with Motown?). I’ve heard talk of an email chain going around suggesting that if Sen. Obama becomes President, we’ll see Hilarity seated as a Supreme Court Justice. I don’t know why, but this doesn’t scare me at all. It could possibly please me. AS long as I have totally strayed from the subject, it’s time for a...

Quick aside on our alternative lifestyle...

We don’t do cable here, however I admit to watching cable shows once or twice a week at the MIL’s place. We also share a Netflix subscription with our quirky neighbor,and we watch movies together a lot. I am OK with cable and netflix if they bring people together. By rocking against the corporate individualistic paradigm, we can consume the goods and still avoid the isolation that is part and parcel of the consumer experience in our corporate age. Oh yes, we can also maintain the smugness.

Getting back to the story...

I installed the FATASS, and I must say FATASS + HDTV + rabbit ears = total kick ass reception! Our reception for all the local channels is crystal clear. In addition, we get two extra channels from our local public TV station, and 24 hour news and weather program from two of the local network affiliates. If I knew I could get this before the official HDTV doomsday, I would have done this earlier. Now I can actually see all the local stations using my rabbit ears. Take that, Comcast!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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