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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Joining the 21st Century

I am hoping to begin more regular blog updates once again.

We have finally made the big jump to DSL. Readers who have my current email address can expect an update in the near future. But first, I need to transfer all my addresses. I expect to keep my current address active for at least a month. We are very impressed with the ease of setting up SBC Yahoo DSL. We have also purchased a shiny new desktop computer.

My current full-time consulting assignment will probably continue through most of February. I am seeking some other concrete avenues for employment; however it is a challenge to find suitable work. My wimpy health won’t allow me to have a heavy travel schedule or work tons of overtime. This is a blessing in a way, since now I have a concrete reason to support what previously were my reasonable preferences. It’s tough to prefer part-time in a working world controlled by unproductive workaholics. In any event, I start tutoring Math again this Wednesday. I enjoy spending time with teenagers far more than executives.

I bought a really cool recorder last weekend. A cherry wood Alto made by Kung in Switzerland. New wooden recorders must be broken in very gradually, since the inner workings need to be gradually introduced to moisture in small doses at first. I’m limited to 15 minutes per day for the first two weeks, 30 for the next week, and then as much as I want, if the instrument feels broken in. You can see a picture of the guy who sold me the recorder next to the guy who made it.

Those most familiar with the hangin guy might be surprised at this spree of buying stuff, a behavior radically unfamiliar to me. I decided this is the time to spend some of the money I have made in my full-time consulting since September.

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