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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Downing Street Memo Viral Marketing Performance Enhancement

How many hits do think this title will get?

Anyway, back to the ranch

At about 4:00 AM Saturday, we leave to visit relatives and old friends in Madison, WI. If we have any slow moments, and my sister lets me use her computer, I may make a post or 2 from vacation. However, I am not sure of the value of posting from my sister’s home, since she is my only regular reader. (1) Damn, that’s pathetic for a married guy, and (2) I suck at promotion.

Summer school started at work this week. I have fewer students in the summer. Almost few enough to get me thinking about finding a real job. We are using a new system to assign practice, evaluation and homework problems for the students. Our administrative person hasn’t torn out her hair yet; so far so good. The system is weirdly rigid for dealing with young kids. For example, the system doesn’t allow teachers to cancel homework assignments kids don’t complete. Imagine that, a kid missing a homework assignment. The best part of work is I have one student who plays saxophone and enjoys it! Finally I get a reed player.


I figure that someone will have found a work-around for this by the time I get back from vacation.

It’s been raining most of today. That never happens here in June. The temperature never went above 70 degrees.


Recorder playing is progressing faster than I had thought it would at this point. Of course, I won’t bring it on vacation, so how much ability I lose over the week will be a good indicator of how much I have really learned so far.

We’ll pack our stuff tonight, Once Kathleen gets home. Since we have to get up so early on Saturday, I already have all the ironing done.

To be fair, I will return to the title subject. In a universe that is moral at all, lies eventually surface. There is no closet that doesn’t open sometime, and if you eat, eventually, there’s the poop.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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