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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Living the Big Life

Sitting in the background radiation dandelions sprouting in the front yard. Pull them out if they dare to bloom. Just like management practice. March, the first sign of spring. Listening to the radio. Habeous corpus, show me the body, George. They’re interviewing Guantanamo alumni.

A quiet Saturday night, time for a blog entry. Listen to "This American Life” and “A Prarie Home Companion”. Urban sophisticates and country corn. Too much.

Cleaned the house today, that’s news around here, possibly the first real housecleaning we’ve done in about a month or more. Looks and feels like a new place. We should do this more often. Only takes a couple of hours, but I still never quite get around to it.

Still working, likely I will get a new project that may span across several more months. Like it’s been for months, I anticipate this project will end sometime in the next few weeks.

I may be joining the Board of Directors of a local music society, looks like among the membership, I will be running unopposed. The society has a small budget, so it’s mostly a matter of arranging events, hiring the solo performers/directors, and making sure they show up.

I need to work less, so I can be involved in more blog-worthy expereince.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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